I don’t have a car, how can I get there?

For those that can easily get to Swansea by train, we have arranged a direct Bus, tickets for which can be bought on the website at £20 for a return.

We also have a Ride Share facebook group for Lost Cove 2018. If you need a lift, have a look at the posts, and reply directly to the one you wish to get involved in. Happy sharing!

What’s included in my ticket price?

Your base ticket covers entry to both sites, camping for two nights, as well as entry to the parties and DJS on Friday and Saturday night. It also includes free entry to the Foamy Only Competition, yoga on the beach, and lots of discounts for other outdoorsy activities from Lost Cove and TYF. Your board and wetsuit hire is also discounted with a Lost Cove Ticket.

Bunk bed accommodation can be bought for only £15 for the weekend, and a caravan space for £30.

What if I don’t know how to surf?

Whether or not you choose to surf at Lost Cove is entirely up to you – we won’t tell anyone, promise. Have a look below for extra activities you can get involved in, and don’t forget the free yoga and games we put on at the beach, and the and the option to just chill to your heart’s content. Maybe join in on workshops, maybe get a bevvy, maybe have some food, frolic in the sand, have a nap and recharge for the night ahead…. Lost Cove is your oyster.

What other daytime fun things can I do?

TYF and Lost Cove have teamed up to offer you the pick of the Pembrokeshire coastal sports and activities. Counted as an add-on to your ticket, you can pre-book through the TYF website.


I don’t have a board/wetsuit, will I be able to rent one?

YES. Discounted wetsuits and boards are available on the beach, all from local surf schools and shops. https://www.tyf.com/

How do I enter the competition, and what will I win?

The competition is for 18+ only, and free to enter for all Lost Cove ticket holders! Non-ticket holders can buy a competition entry pass for £20. Find all the info and an entry form here! http://www.sponclubtravel.com/content/foamy-only-surf-competition-lost-cove-surf-festival

The prizes for the Women’s and Men’s categories are:

1st: Free holiday at The Surf Week 2018!

2nd: £100 vouchers for Sponsurf

3rd: Mango and LC merch

The university with the highest average score also has an extra chance to be declared winners of LC 2018, and earn a SPONSURF Foamy Only Uni Trophy!

*This year (weather permitting) we ask that all entrants plan at least one fancy dress aspect to their competition entry, because… why not.

How will the competition be judged?

The competition is run by Sponsurf and Starsurf, and sponsored by Pete Bounds (local surfing legend) and The Surf Week! They will be deciding who the prizes go to, and which uni can take the overall Trophy!

The competition is designed to level the playing field: giving novice surfers a chance to show their skills to compete alongside the pros. As the name states, it’s foamy’s only. We’ll be expecting switcheroos, coffins, headstands and for the competitor’s imagination to show us something new!

Will there be food? Will it cater to vegans and vegetarians?

YES and YES. We are really lucky to have some incredible food offerings from local Pembrokeshire farmers, at really, really cheap prices! They will serve organic, vegan, vegetarian and meaty dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late into the night.

What is Lost Cove doing to help reduce pollution, and what can I do too?

Lost Cove is committed to reducing the plastic pollution affecting our seas, and we, therefore, will never stock single-use plastic cups, nor will we be providing plastic straws anymore! That means instead, we bring reusable cups with us every year to stock on our bars, and should you really, really need a straw, we have biodegradable options! Or you are more than welcome to bring your own drink receptacle and metal/re-usable straws…. In fact we would love it if you did!

Every Saturday after the competition takes place, we do a coordinated beach clean, which we ask that everyone takes part in!

We have created a Ride Share facebook group for Lost Cove 2018, to reduce the number of cars that on the roads! If you’re driving and have some spare seats, please make a post in the group stating which city you are going from, and the number of seats. Once your car is full, please reply to your own original post and say FULL. If you need a lift, have a look at the posts, and reply directly to the one you wish to get involved in. Happy sharing!

Lastly, we provide bus transportation from Swansea which can be bought on the website and is £20 for a return ticket.

What do I NEED to know before the festival?

– This is strictly an 18+ event.

– There will be NO glass on site, so we appreciate your cooperation in this. We will not be selling plastic bottles, so please be prepared and bring your own reusables.

– If you are camping, please bring good insulations/sleeping bags. It can get chilly at this time of year.

– You may bring your own food if you wish, but there will be cheap hot food available on site too.

Can I just come for one day/night?

Yes, of course! We have single night tickets available on the ‘Tickets’ page.