Our Story

Surfing is at the heart

of who we are

Surf lessons, coastal sports and a foamy-only competition designed to allow everyone to show off their skills, no matter their experience

From Lessons to Comps

There is something for surfers of all skill levels
The Foamy Only Surf Competition

Designed to level out the playing field. We encourage everyone to take part and show us your craziest moves. The competition is FREE to enter for anyone with a festival ticket. 

Surf Hire & Lessons

Through our local partners, TYF, we offer discounted surf lessons as well as cheap wetsuit and surfboard hire during the festival..

The Surf Spots

Should you wish to go exploring, there are a number of great surf spots around the campsite. Ask us for recommendations!

The Foamy Only

Surf Competition

It’s time to level the playing field. Give the noobs a chance to out surf the pros. Supply the novice with the tools to fight for gold. All are welcome, all stand a chance.

This competition will be judged on style and whatever weird and funky moves you can think of meaning everyone has a chance of taking home gold.

Enter Comp

Do you or someone in your club know someone who can take home the gold?

Surf Gear Hire

You can hire all you kit from TYF, by clicking on any of the links below and emailing them your request. Let them know what you need, and they will pre book to arrange set time slots for you to collect your gear from the main festival site. The best contact email for them is [email protected]

Reserve Gear
Pick One

Wetsuit OR Surfboard


£10 per day



Wetsuit & Surfboard


£15 per day


Make Progress

Development Surf Clinic & Lesson